Self-Exile Written and Performed by Nisha Coleman (Montreal)

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Special Features – Fall 2017
Self-Exile Written and Performed by Nisha Coleman (Montreal)
Presented by the Ottawa StoryTellers

Thursday, September 28th at 8pm
Arts Court Theatre 2 Daly Ave #240, Ottawa ON
Tickets are $20

Is it better to be loved for who you are not, than rejected for you are?

Born on a swamp to hippie parents, Nisha Coleman had an unusual upbringing. Her solo storytelling show, Self-Exile, transports the audience through key life events, from trauma to triumph, toddler to young adult, from a swamp in Northern Ontario to the streets of Paris.

“Don’t be yourself,” Coleman’s troubled father tells her when she is five years old, triggering a conscious separation from the self. She becomes a shapeshifter: a teacher’s pet, a troublemaker, a clown, a recluse. Geographic isolation and social anxiety lead to a period of selective mutism in adolescence, but through the violin, Coleman reconnects with humans and ultimately to herself. Self-Exile is a celebration of our complicated selves and what it really means to “be yourself.”

Winner of the Centaur’s Best of Fringe Award, Self-Exile was featured at the 2017 Wildside Festival at the Centaur Theatre in Montreal.

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