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Ottawa Tonite is the brainchild of Cheryl Gain, an Ottawa gal who is passionate about all things arts and culture. Cheryl realized there was a significant lack of arts and culture info about her beloved city and struck out to do something about it.

Her vision is to create a community space where local artists can talk about what’s really going on behind the scenes of their craft and bring a glimpse of their lives to their audiences.

There’s been a TONNE of people involved in the creation of this site over the past several months. Here are just a couple who have given their time to make it all possible:

Rob Dupuis: graphic design guru, coffee shop seat saver, owner of the coolest laptop case in the world.

Steve Donnelly: Web developer extraordinaire and “stand up” guy.

And of course, all our amazing, incredible volunteer contributors who pour their heart and soul into their passions and then so generously share it with us here.We thank everyone in the theatre, visual arts, literature and music scene for their generosity of time and tickets as well as creative contributions and caring!

We love to share more of your stories and experiences…so drop us a line and let’s work together for the love of Ottawa arts and events.






  1. Hello to the Ottawa Tonite team!

    The BelleRegards are a rowdy folk band from Toronto, and we’d like to invite any of your music writers to our concert in Almonte, ON this weekend. We will be performing at the Old Town Hall as part of the Folkus Concert Series, on Feb 28th, 8pm, along with Jack Pine and the Fire. We also have a few house concerts coming up in the Ottawa area in April if that might suit you better.

    We put on a lively, fun, and inclusive show. We have spent the last couple of years performing around Toronto and parts of Ontario, as well as a two week tour in the United Kingdom last spring. We had our first introduction to the festival circuit at Mariposa last summer, and are currently recording our second full-length album, for release this June 2015. Our EPK and music are up on our website: http://www.BelleRegards.com.

    For media and interview inquiries, please contact us directly. If any of your music writers are available on Feb 28th, please let me know so I can arrange for them to see the show.

    Wishing you all the best,

    Matt Kingsley
    The BelleRegards

    1. Hello Matt!
      Thanks for contacting us. Our music reviewers love lively, fun, and inclusive music. Someone will be in touch shortly!

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