Othello:  Theatre Kraken

Othello: A Civil War Tale (Theatre Kraken)

Othello: Theatre Kraken

Theatre Kraken is staging William Shakespeare’s Othello (directed by Don Fex) at Ottawa’s Gladstone Theatre (910 Gladstone Avenue), February 1–10, 2018.

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You may remember Theatre Kraken’s recent production of Little Shop of Horrors, or their production of The Underpants, written by Carl Sternheim and adapted by (THE) Steve Martin.

As with other productions of Shakespeare, Kraken Theatre is taking the opportunity to recast this show’s tragic tale of love, jealousy, race and betrayal by giving it a more modern polish. In this production, Othello is set during the American Civil War.

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Director Don Fex tells me that, “As a company we wanted to do something classical this year. After shortlisting a number of shows we decided on Othello. At the time of our conversation about how we were going to stage it, there was a lot in the news about black men being killed by police in the United States, and the extremely high numbers of black men in prison there. It was that conversation that led to us deciding to set it in the Civil War As a sort of representation of how history repeats itself, from Shakespeare’s time, to the Civil War, to present day.”

Fex also points out that one of the things that makes Shakespeare so timeless is that he’s a great writer. “At root, Shakespeare is about how humans are flawed, prejudiced, jealous and a million other things that make us each unique individuals.”

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Othello: Civil War

Thursday, February 01 , 2018  (preview) to Saturday, February 10, 2018 

3 hours  (intermission after 90 minutes)

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Othello: A Civil War Tale (Theatre Kraken)


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