Hot Knives: Movie Premiere

Hot Knives

A Slacker Odyssey

He loses the hacky sack battle but wins the knife fight!

Here it is, the culinary D.I.Y movie you’ve all been waiting for. And not just because you’re in it. Because your neighbours are in it! (Disclosure, I’m also in it and I have a co-writing credit. But hey, I generally write in about local events…and as far as I can tell, this is a local event;)

Five years in the making!

Speaking with director Peter Monet, he told me, “I’m looking forward to the big night. It’s the culmination of a five year effort. Over a hundred people were involved in the production. So it should be quite a party!”

Starring Phil Caracas (Harry KnucklesJesus Christ Vampire Hunter, and my own stage play Hey, Bartender!), Hot Knives is about a middle-age slacker who never quite made it out of that early adulthood transition period. He has no real purpose in life, until…his neighbour (Gabriela Svoboda) loses her dog. As the movie’s Mayfair preview page mentions: Now he has a purpose! Find the missing dog!

Ottawa (World) Premiere:

Saturday, January 27

9:15 pm.

10$ general admission, 6$ Mayfair members.

Mayfair box office.

Advance tickets are only available day of, when the box office opens for the first show.

Don’t worry, I did the math, the first show is at 1 p.m. Here’s the day’s schedule.

Oh, and this a licensed event, with Collective Arts Brewing selling beer, and Smoque Shaque selling food.



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