Ottawa Bluesfest 2017: PAT TRAVERS ‘Makin Magic’

Ottawa Bluesfest 2017: PAT TRAVERS ‘Makin Magic’

Ottawa Bluesfest 2017: PAT TRAVERS ‘Makin Magic’ 1

Day four of Ottawa Bluesfest 2017 (Sunday, July 9) and while Pink had them poppin’ on the main field, rebel rockers and blues fans alike were once again huddled at the Black Sheep stage for Canadian guitar legend, Pat Travers (much like the previous evening when battalions of teens piled into the mainstage area for rapper 50 Cent while veteran Southern rockers Molly Hatchet conquered the Black Sheep).

Ottawa Bluesfest 2017: PAT TRAVERS ‘Makin Magic’ 2Bluesy hard rocker Travers enjoyed his commercial and critical heyday in the late-‘70s and early-‘80s, when he and his band were considered one of the deadliest around, consistently playing circles around much of the ‘raawk’ competition.





These days, Pat has the luxury of not giving a flying V about the commercial marketplace, and just doing what he wants and what he loves for all those willing to tag along. And that just happens to be no-frills, no holds barred, premium choice, high octane, power trio blues-based rock – on some numbers leavened with a hard funk edge supported by his nimble rhythm section.

Ottawa Bluesfest 2017: PAT TRAVERS ‘Makin Magic’ 3Travers was all-business on Sunday night, generally head down in full concentration. The guitarist was genial on the few times he addressed the audience, at one point humorously detailing the challenges of keeping a guitar in tune on such a humid, outdoor evening.



Ottawa Bluesfest 2017: PAT TRAVERS ‘Makin Magic’ 4Alas, after only 40 highly-satisfying minutes, a blistering storm fired shards of rain almost horizontally towards the stage, thoroughly soaking band, equipment and audience within seconds…and it was sadly “Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights).”

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