Top Five Picks: Ottawa Fringe 2017 #FRINGE20
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Top Five Picks: Ottawa Fringe 2017 #FRINGE20


The Ottawa Fringe Festival begins this week (June 8-18, 2017) and is celebrating its 20th anniversary. With over 300 performances and 50+ shows in 12 venues, the Ottawa Fringe has come a long way. With so much going on, here’s a quick pick of five shows that I would put in the “must see” category.

In no particular order, though I’m beginning with the Doctor Who inspired show. Largely due to my run in with a Weeping Angel in Cardiff;)

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Myself and a Weeping Angel, Cardiff.

Here’s the full 2017 Ottawa Fringe Festival Schedule.



Created by Rob Lloyd | Produced by Rob Lloyd | Origin: Melbourne, AU

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Who, me.

Who is the Doctor’s greatest enemy: A Number One Fan!

I’d say the two things you could say about this show are from these two people, who are well in the know:

“A great show.” Terrance Dicks (Script Editor of Doctor Who 1969 to 1974)
“A truly funny man.” Katy Manning (Jo Grant. Doctor Who 1971 to 1973)

Schedule and ticket information



Created by jem rolls | Produced by big word performance | Origin: London, UK

The Inventor of All Things.

If you haven’t already been wowed by the amazingly talented Jem Rolls, here’s your chance. This awesome show tells the story of Leo Szilard, who had the single most scary idea ever: The Atomic Bomb.

Schedule and ticket information



Created by James & Jamesy | Produced by Life & Depth | Origin: Sussex, UK

High Tea: Another British Comedy

Multiple-multiple award winners (including 16 time Best-of-Fest), James and Jamesy return. With tea!

Schedule and ticket information



Created by Phillip Psutka | Produced by Theatre Arcturus | Origin: Huntsville, ON

Rough Magic

Theatre Arcturus (winner of the Best of Fest Award at the 2015 Ottawa Fringe Festival) return with a performance that weaves a tapestry of theatre, aerial work and music in a story inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Schedule and ticket information



Created by Martin Dockery | Produced by Martin Dockery | Origin: Brooklyn, USA


Master storyteller Martin Dockery returns with another (ridiculous) true story, this one about the search for meaning “amidst love, loss and butterflies.” From the creator of the acid (bicycle) trip tale about the invention of LSD.

Schedule and ticket information


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