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Review of “Who, Me” (Ottawa Fringe 2017)

Who, Me

Created by Rob Lloyd | Produced by Rob Lloyd | Origin: Melbourne, AU

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Rob Lloyd: Who, Me

A super fun must see for Whovians of all ages!

Who, Me is a super fun must see for Whovians of all ages.  Sure, at its core it’s about obsession, and the lengths some people go to fill that obsession. In this case: a fan’s obsession with all things about The Doctor. So much so that the opening audio intro is by Davros!

In Who, Me the basic setup is that The Doctor is up against his worst enemy: his Number 1 Fan. And with that the very talented Rob Lloyd embarks on an entertaining journey through time and space (his own) regaling the audience with his experiences. Including a reminder that at one time being a Doctor Who fan was definitely uncool.

The uncool times were in the 1990s, when Lloyd first came upon The Doctor. This was just after the original series had been cancelled, and in the world of nerdom there was a definite hierarchy of cool. At the nerd party, after the Star Wars fans and the Trekkies there were the Trekkie spin-off fans (for various shows), while circling them all were the Josh Whedon fans (split between the Buffy/Angel fans). Over in the corner, under the jackets, were the lowly Doctor Who fans. (Worse still, Lloyd is fan of the third Doctor! See what I did there, I used my own time space continuum machine to insert myself into that nerd party.)

Review of "Who, Me" (Ottawa Fringe 2017)
Speaking of nerd parties, here’s me with some Silence.

But Lloyd persevered with his fandom, along with some (minor, almost) criminality to feed his obsessive habit. As one does when one needs a fix and there is no internet.

Who, Me catalogues all this excitement in the form of a trial, with the Number 1 Fan as the accused and the audience as the jury. It’s a big bundle of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey fun that starts at the end, before (time) travelling back to the beginning. As one would expect in a show about The Doctor!

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