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Review of “Attention Seeker” (Ottawa Fringe 2017)

Gerard Harris: Attention Seeker

Created by Gerard Harris | Produced by Gerard Harris – That’s Enough Drama | Origin: London, UK


Review of "Attention Seeker" (Ottawa Fringe 2017)
Gerard Harris: Attention Seeker

A hilarious journey through the creative process of the mind.

Attention Seeker (Gerrard Harris) marks the return of a story telling supremo. In his show last year (A Tension to Detail) Harris explored, with hilarious effect, all the people who got in his way through life. With Attention Seeker he shifts focus to the main culprit for holding him back: Himself.

Rummaging through his memories, from his earliest scatological reminisces, Harris gives a fast fire replay of the major events of his life. Mining storytelling and standup comedy to great effect, with part of the story about how he tried to make it as a standup comic. You know, like the guy he wrote jokes for. Who’s now super-duper famous.

Attention Seeker is, as Harris says (to paraphrase), a first person personal one person storytelling show that avoids the excesses of both standup comedy and the dramatic monologue. Phew. As such, it’s not maudlin or bitter, but (self) reflective and very funny. His (non) meteoric rise (not) up the comedy ladder is interspersed with tales of love and woe, of hoping to find something of a future in Canada. Only to end up in Toronto. Before discovering Montreal. And Dublin, and love. And his own worst enemy, himself.

Attention Seeker is storytelling at its (madcap and manic) best!

Your Quick Guide to the 2017 Ottawa Fringe Festival

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