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A CUT ABOVE THE REST: Lynne Hanson’s “Uneven Ground”

A CUT ABOVE THE REST: Lynn Hansen's "Uneven Ground" 1Ottawa’s Lynne Hanson has released a gem of a record/CD. This will come as no surprise to anyone as she is one quality artist. The  CD “Uneven Ground” recorded this past September in Winnipeg features Lynne and a cast of Western musicians,  all of whom seem level to her exacting standards.

A CUT ABOVE THE REST: Lynn Hansen's "Uneven Ground" 2The thirteen song set features 7 songs written solely by her and 6 on which she collaborates with others – including the incomparable Lynn Miles.

The CD grips you right from the start, with a great guitar part right at the beginning of the album. The song Carry Me Home features Chris Carmichael playing a haunting slide guitar throughout the song.  This sets the tone for the record.

The record unfolds as it should with Lynne’s voice carrying the load. The backing band is terrific and shines on every song in an understated kind of way. The 13 song set is engaging throughout – is chock full of heartbreak, sorrow, joy and honesty. It is sung from the heart, and as good as any of the other releases that Lynne has in her catalogue.

Lynne is leaving shortly for a 6 week stint overseas and we will not have her back until the Summer. Naturally the creative community wishes her the very best on the road – just get back home…as she will be missed.

In the meantime you can find “Uneven Ground” on CD/vinyl at local record stores.

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