A CUT ABOVE THE REST: Lynn Miles/Keith Glass "Road"
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A CUT ABOVE THE REST: Lynn Miles/Keith Glass “Road”

Music Review by Ian Boyd

What can you say about Lynn Miles? Gracious, honest, talented, a great song writer, collaborative, front person, arranger, producer, a national treasure, diverse, entertaining, funny, multiple Juno award nominee and winner, or just plain Lynn. She is an Ottawa original whose talent belies all logic… in a word: she’s terrific.

…she is a force to be reckoned with.

A CUT ABOVE THE REST: Lynn Miles/Keith Glass "Road" 2
Keith Glass. Photo courtesy: Anya Page

Whether Lynn is in performance as a solo artist, with the Crusty Mitten Quartet – or, in the case of “Road” with Keith Glass (Prairie Oyster guitarist, and a true talent on his own), she is a force to be reckoned with.





If you haven’t seen her do yourself a favour – go to one of her shows or if like me, see her again and again. “Road” doesn’t offer any new songs but is new arrangements of old songs. It’s a representation of what you would hear should you go to a show with just her and Keith.

The songs are thought provoking, poignant , delivered with meaning and it is well paced and produced.

A CUT ABOVE THE REST: Lynn Miles/Keith Glass "Road" 1
Lynn Miles is one of Canada’s most accomplished singer/songwriters with ten albums to her credit. Courtesy: lynnmilesmusic.com

Lynn has never released a bad record. She has exacting standards which other artists should aspire to.  She works well with a band or as a solo artist. “Road” represents how she makes a living by gigging week in and week out.  In far away places or around the corner from where you live.

She is strong draw in Europe and most of Canada. If you went to a show featuring the Crusty Mitten Quartet you would hear the songs but in a different light. The beautiful thing about Lynn is her chameleon style to put a new take on old songs songs which stand the test of time and when performed, mean something each and every time.


She’s a national treasure, a Glebe resident and if I was handing out the Order of Canada, she would be high on my list.

Find Lynn Mile’s music here: lynnmilesmusic.com

Ian Boyd along with Brother James is the owner/operator of two Compact Music stores in Ottawa. After 38 years retailing he knows a few things about the sound of music. You will find him at the Glebe store.