The New Records

Ever since my college radio days I’ve had a soft spot for independent bands and artists – if nothing else because I can fully appreciate how hard it is to get noticed, get that elusive big break and ‘make it’.

I came across the Ottawa band, The New Records, earlier this year (right around Record Store Day oddly enough)…they’re young, passionate, love music and they’re really talented.

Record Label: Unsigned (Members of Shine Studios)

Members: Cameron Wyatt (Lead guitar/vocals), Keith Hoddinott (Rhythm guitar/vocals), Zach Hofley (Bass) & Chris Labelle (Drums)

Genre: Pop/Rock

Last week, I had a chance to chat music with Cameron Wyatt, lead singer for the band and Twitter master in training…

Was there a moment – a concert you attended, a song you heard, a movie you saw that was your ‘A-HA!’ moment that made you realize that making music was something that you all wanted to pursue?

I would say that the first time was when I joined my first band. I was in the band program at HUmmingbird Music where they ask you your musical interests, what istrument you play and then place you in a band. At that time I played bass and I remember how amazing I felt to be a part of the cool music I was hearing. And ever since then I have been playing in a band.



How did ‘The New Records’ come together?

When I was in grade 10 I felt confident enough musically to start a band with some friends at school. I knew that Keith was a good player from seeing one of his other bands play so I asked him if we wanted to join and I convinced my long time friend Zach to take up the bass because he had played guitar before and we needed a bass player. As for a drummer we have been through quite a few. We never seemed to be able to find a drummer that would be able to make a permanent commitment until we found Connor Peacock through Shine Studios (the studio where we record). Things were going really well for us until Connor unfortunately got a serious medical condition with his leg. Sadly he wasn`t able to play drums with us but he is a still an official member of the band. We were fortunate enough to find Chris Labelle through Shine Studios who is now our current drummer.


How has the support of your friends and family been?

The support has been great, our friends seem to be really supportive of everything that we are doing and are parents are a huge factor in giving us the opportunities to pursue music to this level.


Have you embraced social media – Facebook, Twitter etc as a way of getting your music heard as an independent band?

We`re trying to embrace all forms of social media, even though we aren’t completely familiar with everything. But we have a Facebook page and a Twitter page that get updated most regularly. We are also on Myspace, thesixtyone, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and others. Thanks to McGill Buckley we have a great new website where we have our videos, photos and songs uploaded. (


The first single you’ve released is ‘Faster’…what’s the story behind the song? 

The song is primarily about going through a time where is seems like your life is flying by and overwhelms you. The song asking life to slow down when it seems like it is going faster than you can handle. The idea of the song came from finishing high school but isn’t exclusively about just that.



Collectively as a band if you had to list bands/artists that influenced your overall sound – what would they be? 

Kings of Leon


John Mayer

The Beatles

Jack Johnson

And add in a bit of The New Records….(I had to say it!)


What artists/songs are you currently listening to that you can’t get enough of? ‘The New Records’ Top 5 Playlist…

Foster the People

Young the Giant – My Body in particular is so catchy

Led Zepplin – seems to be a phase were going through..


Arcade Fire


What are your musical aspirations?

I definitely see myself pursuing music of some kind for my whole life. I would ideally like to be a musician making and recording music while at the same time producing and recording other musicians. The business side of music is really intriguing and is constantly changing and I love to get more involved in that in the near future.


What’s next for The New Records?

At the moment we are primarily focusing on doing new recordings and trying to get our music out to the public through radio stations and social media outlets. We are working towards a full length album which should hopefully be done soon.


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